a woman thinks she will benefit from aesthetic servicesLocated in Laurel, Maryland, A Better You Medispa is a health, beauty, and wellness center with a focus on balancing the body and spirit. Dr. Clarke-Bennett provides the most natural-looking enhancements for both men and women of all ages. Both younger and aging adults can benefit from our services, including people looking to find peace by improving their appearance and adjusting to the mind and body changes that come with age.

Sensitive Issues Require Sensitive Care

Whether you are a new or returning patient, everyone who enters our wellness center is welcomed by our caring, friendly, and competent staff. Our spotless waiting room is both comfortable and COVID-safe.

We treat both individuals and couples at our Laurel medispa. There is no need to be embarrassed or nervous before your appointment. Dr. Clarke-Bennett takes pride in making sure her patients are comfortable at A Better You Medispa. Every patient who walks through the door receives undivided attention from the A Better You staff so that we can help you reach your goals and feel more confident. Contact our medispa by calling 410.204.2165 or by contacting us online.

Glowing, Radiant, Youthful Skin

Looking your best starts with taking good care of your skin. At A Better You Medispa, we welcome patients to explore their treatment goals in a comfortable, non-judgemental setting. We offer laser therapy, injectables, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and anti-aging peels. We take a more natural and gradual approach to help patients get the skin they want without undergoing cosmetic surgery or getting a facelift. We offer the following services for maintaining and restoring your skin’s healthy glow, including:

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Hormones are biochemicals that are produced by special glands in the endocrine system. Hormones travel throughout the bloodstream to reach tissues and organs, delivering messages to facilitate organ functioning. One example of a body function controlled by hormones is metabolism. A hormone imbalance occurs when a man or woman has too much or not enough of a certain hormone in the bloodstream.

This could be due to the natural aging process or a more serious condition. Having a medical doctor rather than an esthetician on your treatment team is so important; because of the essential role hormones play in the body. Even minuscule hormone imbalances can cause side effects that dramatically affect people’s appearance, mood, and overall health. Hormone therapy can help both men and women deal with the following issues:

  • Thinning hair
  • Unwanted hair
  • Boosting libido
  • Hot flashes and sweating
  • Boosting the metabolism
  • Medical weight loss

PRP Hair Growth Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma, often called PRP, is an emerging non-surgical treatment that can regrow hair for both women and men. If you are looking to slow down, stop, or reverse thinning hair, Dr. Clarke-Bennett at A Better You Medispa can help. Patients with alopecia areata and sparse eyebrows can also benefit from PRP therapy. PRP injections for hair loss are more accessible than many people realize. Contact our Laurel PRP hair growth clinic to learn more.

Medical Aesthetics For a Better You

Beauty is more than skin-deep. Hormone adjustments, injectables, PRP hair growth, microneedling, and medical weight loss can help you get the look you want without the cost and risks of cosmetic surgery.

Contact our Laurel medical spa to learn more about our beauty and wellness services for men, women, and couples. Our treatment team will be happy to help you schedule an appointment. You can reach us by calling 410.204.2165 or scheduling an appointment through our online portal.