a man is glad he learned about a better you medispaBeing the best version of yourself takes work. At A Better You Medispa, we take care of the life-enhancing medical procedures in our office that allow our patients to spend their own time on the things that matter most. We are dedicated to helping people overcome aesthetic and performance obstacles that would otherwise hold them back from getting the most out of life. At A Better You, we believe that getting the best medical care doesn’t need to feel like a traditional medical appointment. As you will see when you visit our Laurel medical spa, maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere is a fundamental part of the way we practice medicine.

Core Values

We have developed our physician-owned-and-operated medical practice over the years using one simple formula: Combine the most advanced technology and medical prowess with an unfailing commitment to offering the highest levels of patient care. The specialists at A Better You have experience treating the most sensitive conditions in our Laurel medispa. Our staff operates with professionalism, kindness, patience, and the desire to really understand our patients. Our inclusive staff welcomes people of all races, backgrounds, and gender identities to join our open and inclusive community. At A Better You, we hold the doctor-patient relationship in the highest regard. Our highly personalized and proactive approach to a healthy life helps us stand out as a one-stop wellness center.

Beauty & Wellness Services

We are a full-service medical spa, allowing patients to take care of sensitive procedures in one comfortable location. While we are a medical facility, we strive to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for our patients. Our entire medical staff is committed to providing the best results. While we usually rely on word of mouth when accepting new patients, we also allow new patients to book appointments online. A few of our most common services include:

During your consultation, Dr. Clarke-Bennett will review your medical history and discuss your goals to determine the best solutions to the problems holding you back. We have experience treating many sensitive conditions, and our team is skilled at developing treatment plans for each individual patient. Our top-rated medical spa, located in Laurel, Maryland, offers cosmetic and hormone treatments backed by science.

Existing Medical Conditions

Our team at A Better You has years of experience and training working with patients with existing medical conditions. We specialize in treating patients with diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Helping patients maintain their appearance starts with an understanding of their medical history. At A Better You, we do our best to eliminate stress so that our health and beauty appointments do not feel like traditional medical appointments.

For more information on any of our hormone replacement, medical weight loss, male enhancement, and dermatological services, please contact our office by calling 410.204.2165 or by reaching out to us online.