a woman is happy to attend corporate wellness eventsMany Maryland business owners are opting to re-allocate resources, shifting their sole focus from treatment to prevention with positive results. Optimizing the health, wellness, and performance of your team is our top priority at A Better You. If you are interested in hosting a wellness event at our medical spa or at your office, contact us by calling 410.204.2165.

Corporate wellness programs at A Better You increase the productivity of your workforce, reduce absenteeism, and show employees that you truly care about their health. Many potential new hires and current employees value corporate wellness programs. This benefit not only increases the longevity of your employees but reduces turnover. Providing access to wellness services is beneficial to everyone involved. If you are interested in providing a corporate wellness program that will benefit your employees and boost morale, A Better You Medispa can help. Contact our office today to start planning your next corporate wellness event.

Give Your Staff the Medical Services They Want

Our corporate wellness program at A Better You is geared towards improving the health of the people on your staff. Whether your goal is to help employees manage existing health issues or deal with stress, our team at A Better You can help. Our corporate wellness program is unique, creative, and comprehensive. Our goal is for people to enjoy the experience and use what they’ve learned to improve their health. We offer an array of services for both large companies and small businesses in the Laurel, MD area. Our corporate wellness program offers the following benefits:

  • Simple integration into any current program
  • Values-based design
  • Coaching to fit your organizational culture
  • Strategic planning and ongoing results-tracking
  • Going beyond physical wellness to include increased personal and professional performance
  • Wellness coach certification available for select wellness team members
  • Commitment to evidence-based and holistic practices

Corporate Wellness Events at A Better You Medispa

We offer in-office corporate health seminars complete with different stations related to different health issues. Employees can identify potential and existing health issues at each station. These health concerns include blood pressure concerns, blood sugar issues, potential lifestyle changes, stress management, medication management, fitness coaching, quitting smoking, weight loss, good posture, and more. We also provide comprehensive physical examinations in the workplace and at our Laurel medspa.

Prevention Matters

Some conditions indicate early warnings of much more serious health issues to come. Working to prevent these issues is the cornerstone of treatment at A Better You.

A Better You MediSpa’s wellness approach focuses on preventive measures in key areas, such as:

  • Weight gain and obesity
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Low libido
  • Heart disease
  • Sleep problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Muscle pain
  • Anxiety, depression & moodiness
  • Memory loss and concentration difficulties

Employee Nutrition Programs at A Better You

A Better You MediSpa specializes in customized nutritional and weight loss programs for clients tailored to their individualized goals. We recognize that each person is different, so treatment plans are custom designed to fit each person’s body type, age, medical history, lifestyle, and budget.

We make it our personal mission to guide patients on the path to a better, healthier overall lifestyle. Dr. Clarke and the staff of A Better You MediSpa will help you plan the best possible protocol to address your personal wellness concerns, whether it be a medical concern or a cosmetic concern. Some conditions indicate early warnings of much more serious health issues to come. Working to prevent these issues is the cornerstone of treatment at A Better You

Corporate Wellness in Laurel, Maryland

A Better You is available to come to your company and introduce our innovative health and wellness programs to your employees, or you can contact our office by calling 410.204.2165 to have them come in individually for a complimentary consultation.

Healthy Employees = Happy Employees AND Healthy Employees = Healthy Bottom Line!